Mouse on a mission and other droppings

Sticking to the subject of weird, American and South Korean scientists have created a genetically engineered mouse that can run faster and longer than the average mouse — a marathon mouse.

With all the doping scandals at the Athens Olympics, this could be the next step. Imagine the uproar when the International Olympics Committee announces Russian weightlifter Mikhail Mousikov is found to be part human-part rodent.

Doping is a worry in all sports, even chess, as reported last year on the Pass Your Drug Test website. Strangely, I’d never realised chess was a sport.

Again, sticking with the weird theme, if you like your news weird (and don’t we all), check out News of the Weird.

Patently Absurd has details of some of the strange inventions creative Britons have come up with, while Delphion’s Gallery of Obscure Patents offers an insight into the mind of the American inventor.

Hey, you never know when your chicken might have a pressing need for an eye protector.

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