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Halo 2 release for Vista machines

Microsoft has  announced plans to release the Halo 2 video game for personal computers running its new Vista version of Windows. Halo 2 will run only on Vista machines and not on older versions of the Windows operating system. Microsoft…


Branded: Google hits No 1

Google it bumped Apple out of the No 1 spot in the 2005 global poll of the world’s most influential brands put together by online branding magazine Brand Channel. The survey often gives controversial results, such as when Arabic TV…


Picture this

Telecom and Vodafone customers are now able to send photo and video messages and sound to each other over their mobiles between networks. Vodafone PXTT or Telecom Photo Messaging lets customers create, send and receive messages containing colour video messages,…


Desperately seeking … coffee

Do you like coffee? A computer programmer who goes by the name of Winter must really like coffee — particularly the Starbucks variety — because he’s made it his mission to visit every Starbucks in the world. All 5000-plus. According to…


Watch out for those wascally worms

Beware the latest worm threat — W32.Zotob.E can run on, but not infect, computers running Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/XP. Computers running these operating systems can be used to infect vulnerable computers. Microsoft patched the problem earlier this month but if you did get…


Let the voting begin

The date’s been set so brace yourself for the impending onslaught of excited politicians looking to shake your hand, kiss your baby and secure your vote. Interestingly, September 17 probably isn’t too far away from the date the 2005 NZ…