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Weird, weird world of WWW

Sometimes I wonder just where the ideas come from for the rich array of websites that make up the weird wide web.  Did the genius behind Cats in Sinks simply look at his or her cat, think: “ah, I’ve got…


Enlightening…and a hoax

Last week I wrote about the Komarnitsky family and their interactive website featuring the 17,000 Christmas lights that adorn their house.   Online news stories and information on the family’s site stated net surfers could control the lights with the click…



Ever find yourself looking at a piece of modern art and wondering if you’ve missed the boat? Take a look at Weird Art, a collection of art gathered from the web. If you’re anything like me, Miles of Mules might…


Amazing images

If you have an interest in checking out some amazing “photoshopped” images, take a look at Worth 1000, where you’ll find some stunning images manipulated by talented computer artists. The site features photography, multimedia and text competitions but it is…