Political correctness = crass stupidity?

The parents of a poor little kid in Toronto have decided to inflict their politically correct stupidity on the child by raising him/her as a genderless being.

They already have two children: a pair of quite feminine sons named Jazz and Kio. And yes, as the Daily Mirror quite rightly points out, those names do sound a hell of a lot like the latest model hatchback you’d find at your local car yard.

Anyway, poor wee Storm is being raised with no gender bias, with no one apart from his/her parents (not surprisingly, they were there when he or she was born), siblings and midwives knowing if he/she is a he or a she and will probably be a prime target for the bullies that every school has. Because any child who is different is always going to be a prime target.

Apparently, he or she can decide what gender he or she wants to be somewhere down the track.

While friends say the parents are quite normal, well-adjusted people, I have my doubts: dad David Stocker is a “progressive teacher” who wrote a textbook Math That Matters, which urges teachers to stop using everyday objects in maths questions and instead work with issues such as homophobia, poverty, child abuse and racial profiling to ‘spark discussion’ and increase students’ interest in ‘social justice advocacy’.

And the mother, Kathy Witterick, is homeschooling her eldest child Jazz. Well, she’s actually using a system she calls unschooling: where the child is taught something only when he asks about it.



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