Sad but not unexpected

It’s sad that Whitcoulls is in trouble but as an avid reader who likes both books and money, I don’t reckon it should come as any surprise.

I make an effort to support local businesses where possible, even if they are a squidge more expensive, which is why Play It Again gets my music-buying custom. However, Whitcoulls isn’t a singularly southern business and the books on their shelves are a bit higher up the price scale than those found at a certain large red building in town. You know, the one where everyone gets a bargain.

Most people are feeling the pinch in this not-so-friendly economy so being able to save a few bucks is an attractive proposition.



1 comment for “Sad but not unexpected

  1. Ross
    February 18, 2011 at 9:04 am

    It is a pity but I suspect books (espec’ brand new) have slithered into the luxury item shopping list.
    I’d have to say however that in Invercargill at least, Whitcoulls seldom have up to date pricing (if any) on so many shop items, I’d pretty much given up going there. A $4 pen that turns out to be $11 at the counter? Nahhh… I’m away next door thanks.

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