Reborns? They creep me out

I realise those “Baby Reborn” doll thingamajigs are insanely popular with some people but for the life of me, I can’t work out why.

Sure, I’d understand if it was little girls wanting them to play with but it’s not little girls, it’s big girls.

Adult women are spending a fortune on these things and treating them like they are real. It’s weird and just a little bit creepy.

Someone on a popular NZ message board was full of excitement about a page layout they’d set up on eBay to sell one of their “creations” the other day and chucked the URL out there for everyone to admire (it’s here, if you’re interested).

While everyone else was ooh-ing and ah-ing over the paint job on the doll’s face I was looking at it and wondering why it is that whenever these things are photographed they look, well, dead. No, not doll-like, but dead.

Ick, they really do creep me out.

And what’s up with grown women playing with dollies anyway?


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