Another week nearly over …

… another year nearly gone. Wow, where does the time go?

Christmas was chaotic but fun, with a good chunk of my rent-a-crowd sized family converging here on Xmas day for the annual family barbecue. It was great to catch up with everyone (even if Seymour the Wonder Cat decided he wasn’t a fan of crowds and buggered off until Boxing Day).

Christmas night was a biggie, with lots of cocktails consumed by family, friends and even the neighbours and by some time well into the wee small hours we’d managed to work our way though more than a dozen bottles of assorted liqueurs and spirits.

When the sun came up we had various sleeping beauties scattered around the house on couches and spare beds but everyone was fit an well.

We ended up flitting off to the hut/crib on the Mataura River for a couple of days to bond with the ducks (yes, we arrived to find a wee family of ducks swimming around in front of our deck) and ease into this final week of the year with a wine or two.

The time does seem to be disappearing fast, though. Remember back when you were young and your parents said “the time goes so fast” and you sat there nodding at them thinking “uhuh, that’s just something old people say”?

Well, I’ve decided they were right.

It’s either that or I’m now one of those aforementioned old people!


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