Trust me, I’m (nearly) a ninja

It’s been a busy old day, in a weird kind of way. I wasn’t actually at the office, I was instead being trained in the dark arts of health and safety by a nice bloke named Ray.

It was fairly pleasant and inoffensive as far as a training day goes and once I complete day 2 tomorrow of stage 2 of my training (I’ve already done stages 3, 4 and 1 … in that order. Go figure) … anyway, where was I? Oh yes, once stage 2 is completed tomorrow afternoon I will officially be a fully ticketed health and safety ninja. Or something like that.

Isn’t it funny how learning stuff can be so tiring though? And I’m afraid that the moment our trainer mentioned the word “statistics” I struggled to stop my brain going on holiday.

Anyway, day 1 is done so I figured a Mr Bean/Avatar mashup would be just the thing to perk me up.

Hmmm, I wonder if that blue paint complies with health and safety regulations?


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