What’s the buzz? Vuvuzela

I actually watched about 3 minutes of a soccer game last night and can now understand why everyone’s gettingtheir knickers in a knot over those weird horn things that the South African fans are blowing at the World Cup.

I suppose they aren’t the most offensive thing about the whole world of soccer: the ol’ soccer hooligans would fit that category. Although they don’t seem to cause the same level of havoc these days as they have in the past.

Anyway, back to the noisy horns. What is it with sports fans and the need to make stupid noises? Is cheering no longer an acceptable method of showing satisfaction with the performance of your team? Have we become so lazy that we can no longer actually make the effort to personally shout “go you good thing, go”, and must instead rely on artificial methods of cheering?

I suppose we use artificial everything else (from sweeteners to boobs) that it should be any great surprise.

Besides, is it just me or does the name sound like something a bit rude?



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