Snow, more snow and a chilly loo

Ooooh, it was cold coming home from Alexandra. It was an absolutely perfect winter day in Alex itself: a cold, cold night that brought a sunny day. However, there had been overnight snow between Alex and Roxburgh and even by the time we left town at 3.30 in the afternoon, there was still plenty of it lying around.

There was even more snow on the ground around Tapanui and Gore. We stopped at Tapanui to make a quick pitstop at the public loos. Holy crap, it was cold. I reckon if they are going to use those bloody stainless steel toilets (complete with stainless steel seats) they should at least warn you that you might want to brace yourself for the impending shock of parking your arse upon what feels like a block of ice.

I now have great respect for penguins.


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