Did Mitsubishi steal the goat?

The two comments on my previous post, about Mitsubishi’s free goat offer claim the car-maker stole the idea from a Hamilton caryard by the name of Ideal Cars, and pointed me to a YouTube video. Which, of course, I watched.

I’m on the fence on this one, guys. Yes, both businesses are offering a goat as a deal-sweetener (now there’s a term I never thought I’d use) but the offers are slightly different:

  • Mitsubishi will supply a free random goat with every Triton ute sold
  • Ideal Cars has just the one goat, a rather media-savvy girl by the name of Nanny. Car-buyers go into a draw.

Maybe Mitsubishi should have said the idea was inspired by Ideal Cars but I don’t think they’ve stolen it directly.

However, it’s all good publicity for a New Zealand business, so here’s the video about the goat theft.


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