Playing the blame game

It’s an absolute tragedy for the family of Aussie girl Gemma Thoms that she died from a drug overdose at the Big Day Out in Perth. But how the hell can supposedly intelligent people blame the cops for this?

According to a news report, witnesses reckon Gemma saw police officers searching people for drugs as they entered the festival on Saturday so took several ecstasy tablets before she went in.

Not long after that she passed out and was rushed off to hospital but sadly, she died overnight.

There’s no denying it’s sad: for her friend, her family, the medical staff, the festival organisers. Yes, it’s sad all round.

However, several comments on a Facebook page set up to remember Gemma  are pointing the finger squarely at the cops, claiming their enthusiasm in cracking down on young drug-users caused Gemma’s death and suggesting they should turn a blind eye. One comment reported in the WA Today story says:

Nobody forced her to take the pills, but to not see this coming is pure ignorance. Busting someone with 5 pills at a concert does NOTHING to contribute to the wellbeing and safety of society.

Really? So ensuring you people are safe does nothing to contribute to the wellbeing and safety of society? What a knob.A follow-up story has the police commissioner saying no, the cops aren’t responsible. And he shouldn’t even have to make that statement, it goes without saying. However, sadly, today’s society is quick to pin the blame on authority figures when things turn to custard.

Iit’s the same “I’m not to blame” attitude that has seen police officers here in New Zealand wear the blame when some idiot commits an offence then leads the police on a high-speed chase. If anything goes wrong, it’s the twat who committed the crime at fault, not the cops. They are simply doing their job.

Ditto the Halatau Naitoko, the young guy who died in the  motorway shooting. It was an absolutely horrible thing to happen. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and was killed by a bullet from a police gun during a shootout with someone committing a crime, someone who was shooting as well.

Yes, it was nothing short of a tragedy that this young man, an innocent bystander, died. But the blame for his death lies squarely with the man later arrested by police, the man who prompted the armed offenders’ squad callout in the first place.


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