The ultimate … er, climax

Hah, I was right. Some of us aren’t smarter than the animals!

It seems there was a bloke who picked himself up a friendly young woman in a bar. They made there way to the railway tracks, where they proceeded to do the horizontal tango (you know, the shag nasty … bumping uglies … bonking and all those other euphemisms for having sex) on the train tracks. 

Along came a train. Which tooted to announce it was on its way.

They continued to do their thing. Well, that was until the train hit them. 

They won’t be doing that again. Seems he died instantly, his lady of the night is at the hospital. 

He must have been one hell of a shag.

It’s worth noting that the news report said his half naked body was found with condom still attached.  So what’s the deal there? He didn’t want to risk a dose of the clap but was happy to play chicken with a train?

Read the story here.


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