The lost post

My story a couple of weeks ago about a missing parcel and NZ Post’s wayward website seems to have struck a chord with our readers. I’ve had several phonecalls and e-mails from other frustrated NZ Post customers, telling me about the hassles they had with lost mail and not-so-helpful customer service.

ParcelI phoned our postal people last week to complain and now, finally, an inquiry process has been started.

I also got a call back from one of its staffers who wanted to know about my misadventures when filling out the inquiry form on its website.

She assured me the form worked for her and that when hitting submit (after filling out the online form), it should then generate a case number.

Fine, that might be the case but nowhere on the site does it state that, so how are you supposed to know it hasn’t gone through? Also, the form was filled in three times by two different people: it wasn’t an isolated incident.

It’s interesting that so many sellers on Trade Me now state in their auctions that they won’t take responsibility for items lost in the post. In fact, there are quite a few who will only use courier for deliveries.

NZ Post must have had a huge boost with all the Trade Me packages flitting around the country on any given day.

Isn’t it time to start delivering a better service? Oh, did you see that? A pun!

Here’s another one: I’ll keep you posted on the progress with my missing parcel.


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