Enough of the depressing news

This is the Online column, written for The Southland Times)

Right, I’m declaring this column a depressing-news-free zone this week.

I’ve had more than enough of sad, dreary and woeful news so it’s time for something warm and perhaps a little fuzzy. And what could be more warm and fuzzy than baby animals? The Baby Animals website is packed to the rafters with, of course, baby animals.

Check it out and be prepared to go gooey. All together now: “Aaaaaah” .

How would we cope without the internet? How would we know just how cute a baby chipmunk was without the internet to show us?

As alien as it may seem to the young’uns, there was a time when the internet didn’t exist, when chatting was something you did face-to-face and involved using your vocal cords and when porn came in a plain brown wrapper instead of your computer screen.

  •  This week’s announcement about the PlayStation 3 Starter Pack is great news for gamers. Sony says the Starter Pack will include the current 60GB PlayStation 3 console, two wireless SIXAXIST controllers, and a copy of Resistance: Fall Of Man and MotorStorm, both million sellers globally and the No 1 and 2 top selling PS3 games to date in New Zealand. The pack, with a recommended retail price of $1199.95, was available from yesterday.
  •  The whole drama involving the anti-satire rules for broadcasts from the Beehive has given at least one American comedian some fresh material. The new rules mean it is illegal to make use of footage that pokes the borax at MPs. However, The Daily Show comedian John Stewart is ready to come to our rescue. Ah well, I guess it makes a change from sheep jokes.
  •  Thanks to Robert, one of my readers, for pointing me to a southern blog with an environmental flavour. Snowy Bramble is an interesting read.

And, yes, that’s readers, plural. It’s nice to know it’s not just my husband reading this!


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