Dancing Tim earns support from online traders

(This is the Online column written for The Southland Times)

 Mayor Tim has been copping a bit of flak over his efforts in the infamous dance competition but there’s still plenty of support for him.

Right now, there’s a thread on the Trade Me message board full of support for Tim from traders as far afield as Masterton, Blenheim and Stratford.

To the organisers of TV One’s Dancing With the Stars, the agitated letter-writer and grumpy judge Alison Leonard: pull the proverbial stick out of your collective butts and enjoy Tim’s efforts for what they are — a whole lot of enthusiastic fun.

However, had he been voted out for crimes against fashion with that frilly blue and yellow number he wore a couple of weeks ago (Tim, what were you thinking?), I would have been disappointed but understanding.

Be thankful I didn’t report you to the Fashion Police.

For anyone who thought the blue and yellow frilly specimen looked good, you might like to take a look at FashioNZ to get an idea of what works and, more to the point, what doesn’t. There’s info here for Kiwi blokes and bloke-esses, young and old, about the world of fashion and where to buy it.

Mix It Up is another New Zealand fashion site, this time probably more suited to the younger shoppers, especially those on a budget.

If you really just feel like having a laugh at the expense of some other poor bugger, Etiquette Hell’s bridesmaid dress incinerator, listed in the wedding etiquette section, is always good entertainment.

If none of that interests you, fluff up you mullet, break out the trackies and see if you can make the infamous Mr Blackwell’s worst-dressed list.

Hey, if it’s good enough for Paris Hilton, it’s good enough for me.


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