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More opinions from me (lucky you). This time it’s product reviews of everything from wax strips (ouch) to software.

Presents and aliens

Toe Jam and Earl

TOEJAM AND EARL III: MISSION TO EARTH, for Xbox; published by Microsoft Game Studios, RRP $129.95: Funky aliens Toejam and Earl are back, along with their new homegirl, Latisha, with a whole new adventure in this fun game that will…

Stomping fun time

MECH ASSAULT for Xbox, published by Microsoft Game Studios, NZ rating M15, RRP $129.95: If you’ve ever fancied the idea of being 12m tall and pretty much bulletproof, here’s your chance. Set in the 31st century, Mech Assault is a…

Playing at revenge

Shenmue II

SHENMUE II for Xbox, published by Microsoft Game Studios, NZ rating M15+, RRP $129.95: The long-awaited Shenmue II is a bit of an oddity. It’s a sequel to a game that was originally released on a different platform. Then, just…

Audiogalaxy sunk

Following quietly in the footsteps of Napster, peer-to-peer file-sharing network Audiogalaxy has been sunk. The popular Napster clone has agreed to filter songs that are the subject of copyright and pay an undisclosed sum of money after a court battle…