Goodiebox, June unboxing


The June theme was “Winter Wonders” and the box came with two full-sized products, two packs that contained five samples between them, a separate perfume sample (so six samples in total) and what the GoodieBox girls tagged as a lifestyle extra: panty liners.

Here’s the rundown on my June goodies. Click on the links for full reviews of some products.

DR LEWINN’S Essentials hand and nail cream (RRP $29.99 for 100g); full-sized product supplied so $29.99 value: I’ll say it once again, you can never have too many hand creams. Good brand, and a full size too. Awesome!

MEDOFLOWERS SERIES Regenerate eye cream, Replenish night cream, Revolution multi-vitamin serum (RRP 30ml eye cream $57, 50ml night cream $55.99, 30ml serum $69.69); 2 x 4g & 1 x 3ml samples, so approx $19 value): Good size little sample pots of a New Zealand-made skincare range. Am keen to try this one.

ECOSTORE shampoo & conditioner for dry, damaged or coloured hair (RRP $9.99 each for 220ml); 2 x 35ml samples so $3.18 value: I don’t know anything at all about this range but it’s always good to try eco-friendly products. Good sized samples, too: a bit bigger than the average hotel-size bottle.

JEMMA KIDD Crushed Jewel Creme Duo (RRP $27); full-sized product supplied so $27 value: Another full-sized product, an eyeshadow in an awesome dark olive green colour that comes with sparkles. Looks like fun.

CHLOE Love Eau Florale perfume (RRP $99 for 30ml); 1.2ml sample so $3.96 value: A wee spray tube of perfume. A nice size to chuck in the handbag or take on holiday. It’s got a nice, light floral fragrance without being overpowering. Nice and fresh for winter.

LIFESTYLE EXTRA: U By Kotex liners (RRP $4.50 for 30 liners); full-sized product supplied so $4.50 value: *sigh* … is this a step up from the tampons they sent last month? I’ve got nothing more to say on the subject.

My thoughts

After the pretty poor showing of the past two months, I wasn’t holding out a lot of hope. And with the price being boosted to $30 plus delivery, and being short-changed by one product last month, I was feeling a tad peeved about the whole thing. Sure, a $5 increase doesn’t sound like a lot, but bear in mind that’s a whopping 20 per cent increase on the original price.

First of all, let’s address the issue of the so-called lifestyle extra, the liners. I expect to find things that are little luxuries in something called GoodieBox … last month it was tampons, now this. What’s next? A roll of toilet paper?

Aside from that, there were a couple of decent full-sized products and the samples were also quite generous.

The missing eyeliner from last month was tucked into my package this time around but I do have my doubts about the stated value of that belated NYC eyeliner (and the lip gloss that did make it to last month’s GoodieBox), because that range is about the cheapest you’ll find in America ($2 Shop territory, a quick check online shows the lipsticks retail for $1.99).

This month’s goodies had a retail value of around $87.63 for the $35 subscription cost (which includes delivery). That’s a big improvement on the past few months.

What is Goodiebox?

It’s a subscription service where you pay a monthly fee to receive a box of beauty products delivered to your door. The cost is around $35 a month (including delivery), and for that you will get a minimum of five “premium” beauty samples. These samples are sometimes generous sizes, and often there are a few full-sized products in your little box of goodies.


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