Goodiebox, May unboxing


The May theme was “Tailor Made” and tagged as being “for your finishing touches”.

It came with and the box came with three full-size products and two samples. There should have been a fourth full-sized product but it was missing. I have emailed GoodieBox and am awaiting a reply (UPDATE: The missing product was sent in the June box).

Here’s the rundown on my May goodies. Click on the links for full reviews of some products.

MOR Correspondence Argan Oil hand cream (RRP $35 for 75ml); 40ml sample so $18.60 value: Handcream, always nice to get. Have heard good things about this range and it’s a decent sized sample tube.

DR LEWINN’S Skin Perfect primer and foundation (RRP $45.90 each for 30ml); 2 x 2ml samples of each so $12.20 value: Hmm, not a fan of foil sample sachets … too much like the freebies you can get at any beauty department or in a magazine. Besides that, it’s not even the right shade for me. Pass … next please …

NYC eyeliner duet (RRP $16.50); would have been $16.50 value but was missing from the box!: OK, moving right along …

NYC Kiss Gloss (RRP $15.50 for 9.4ml); full-sized product supplied so $15.50 value: Another lip gloss product. NYC is very much a budget brand in the States, but that’s not to say all the products are rubbish. I’ll give this one a go.

SWISSPERS cotton makeup pads (RRP $5.69 for 80 pads); full-sized product supplied so $5.69 value: Well, this is an exciting turn of events. I buy cotton makeup pads to remove nail polish from the $2 Shop.  Another bit of a failure in this month’s GoodieBox.

U BY KOTEX Designer Series tampons (RRP $5.50 for pack of 16); full-sized product supplied so $5.50 value: Tampons? WTF? Dudes, please. This is neither a goodie nor a “finishing touch”.

My thoughts

Theme of “finishing touches” has to be a joke, right? Tampons? Sheesh. This month’s goodies had a retail value of around $73.99, which on the face of it looks good. However, deduct $16.50 for the missing eyeliner and the value drops to $57.49. And I’m not convinced the NYC values stated by GoodieBox are entirely accurate, since it’s very much a budget brand in the United States. For example, the missing eyeliner duet retails over there for just $1.99. And the cotton wipes? Not my idea of a “goodie”. Ditto for the tampons Crappiest GoodieBox yet.

What is Goodiebox?

It’s a subscription service where you pay a monthly fee to receive a box of beauty products delivered to your door. The cost is around $30 a month (including delivery), and for that you will get a minimum of five “premium” beauty samples. These samples are generous sizes, and often there are a few full-sized products in your little box of goodies.


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