Manicare Invigorating Sponge

2014-04-manicareA basic sponge with a textured fabric cover, thisĀ  “Invigorating Sponge” is supposed to be good for regular shower or bath use to exfoliate all over.

I know the experts say exfoliation is a good thing but I’m afraid I always end up feeling like I’ve been sanded, but this one was nearly user-friendly.

With the promise of improved circulation and “glowing soft skin”, I gave this a try. I’ve been treading very gently, not getting too enthusiastic at shower time, and have managed to make it through the past week without feeling like my skin has been shredded. However, the promised glowing soft skin never eventuated.

If you’re an exfoliator, go for it. If you are like me (stupidly sensitive skin), stick with a friendly face cloth and soap-free cleansing lotion.

MANICARE Invigorating Sponge (RRP $9.99)

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