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2014-04-elevenMy hair’s been in a bit of a state over the past year or so, with my heart problems and heart medication combining with recovery from last year’s surgery to make for dry, brittle hair.

Apparently, it’s a fairly common complaint with the series of health issues I’ve been dealing with and I got so fed up with my hair a few months back that I made a trip to the hairdresser to have it chopped off.

It’s still dry and brittle, just a lot shorter.

Because of all that, I was very keen to try out this product that is so popular with the Aussies: it’s the number one selling hair product across the ditch, apparently.

You apply it to the middle and ends of your hair after towel drying, then you simply leave it to dry. That was great for me because I’m incapable of driving blow dryers and the like (I’m a bit of a hair-tard), so anything that doesn’t take too much thought and/or effort has got to be a good thing.

I goes in quite smoothly and doesn’t feel sticky or heavy. When it dried, my hair felt really smooth and silky. Better than it had for a long, long time.

OK, so I realise it’s simply coating the outside of the hair and that my bonce is STILL actually dry and brittle, but it looked better. And sometimes that’s all we ask for.

And the added bonus is that it protects your hair against sun damage.

I’ll definitely be buying this again.

ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment (RRP $32 for 125ml)

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