Moreish Argan Oil

dec-moreishI’m a fan of Bio Oil, and more recently DermaOil, so I was keen to try this NZ-made natural oil.

The packaging says it’s good for scars, stretch marks and even heat-damaged hair.

I found a few drops smoothed out my hair, which has been giving me some grief due to a combination of heart problems, medication and surgery a few months ago: it’s become even more dry than it usually is and a bit on the frizzy side. The Moreish improved the texture without being greasy.

It’s also nice on the skin and was awesome on my cuticles and nails, which have been a big dry and brittle, also since the surgery and a dodgy set of gel nails that I suspect were actually acrylics and were also removed by the “technician” by peeling the damn things off rather than using a removal solvent.

The eye dropper style applicator makes this oil easy to use and it smells nice in a subtle kind of way.

I now prefer this to DermaOil because it seems a lot more versatile and absorbs faster.

MOREISH ARGAN OIL (RRP $35 for 30ml)

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