Goodiebox, December unboxing


The December theme was “Sealed With A Bow”, which annoyed me a little because a bow is tied rather than sealed. However, that’s just the sub-editor in me coming out.

But I digress: this time around we got a very much appreciated five full-size products and just the one sample size, along with a wee lifestyle helper sample. All-in-all, a quite generous Christmas box.

The goodies had a retail value of somewhere between $98 and $99, so pretty good value for the $30 subscription cost (which includes delivery).

Here’s the rundown on my December goodies. Click on the links for full reviews of some products.

Moreish Argan Oil (RRP for 30ml $35); full-size product so $35 value
A New Zealand-made natural oil that seems to be for everything from skin to hair, stretch marks to acne scars. These oils are always good to have and this stuff looks like it will go a long way. Smells pretty nice.

Matte Perfect Shine Control (RRP for 30 sheets $15); full-size product so $15 value
If you’ve ever had your makeup slide off on a hot day, these are for you. Kimono silk sheets absorb moisture and (according to the GoodieBox card) “mattify” the skin.

Manicare Glam Nail Pens (RRP $13); full-size product so $13 value
A cutsie little set that includes nail polish, stencils and some fancy wee embellishments. Looks like fun.

Palmers EvenTone BB Cream (RRP for 30ml $16); small sachet provided so … maybe 50c value?
The only sample sized product in this month’s GoodieBox, and one of those wee foil packs samples at that! Another one of the many BB creams on the market but have to say, it looks like good value at $16 for the full-sized product.

Tui Balm Lavendar Massage and Body Balm  (RRP for 25g $9); full-size product so $9 value
Another NZ-made product, this time  in the form of a soothing massage balm.

Bourjois Paris Shimmering Shine Liquid Eyeshadow (RRP for 8.5g $23); full-size product so $23 value
And the final “sample” this month is actually another full-sized product. Yay … gold and shimmery eye colour is perfect for the festive season.

LIFESTYLE HELPER: Isowhey Protein Bar (RRP for box of 15 $46.80); 1 bar supplied so $3.12 value
The stats on the nutrition panel looked pretty good and the flavour was great.

What is Goodiebox?

It’s a subscription service where you pay a monthly fee to receive a box of beauty products delivered to your door. The cost is around $30 a month (including delivery), and for that you will get a minimum of five “premium” beauty samples. These samples are generous sizes, and often there are a few full-sized products in your little box of goodies.

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