2013-11-hydrodolAccording to the info supplied by GoodieBox and the makers of these pills, these little capsules will make sure your night out is a great one.

No, they don’t ensure you have no stray pimples, do away with the need for suck-in-the-flab undies, perfect your dance moves or make you particularly witty. Instead, they promise to replace the vinamins, minerals, sugars and amino acids that you need to stay hydrated. You know, because booze can be a tad dehydrating.

I don’t drink these days so my well-insured hubby tried this out after a big night at Christmas. His hangover didn’t appear to diminish at all, with his usual two-day extravaganza.

I recommend you flag the fancy pills and opt for plenty of water, maybe a banana milkshake and perhaps even a greasy pie.

That should do the trick.

HYDRODOL (RRP for 8 capsules $14.50)

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