Australis Blackest Black Eye Pencil


I’m not good with eye makeup in general, and especially with pointy stuff like eye pencils. I’m a wimp when it comes to my eyes, and tend to get a bit nervous about poking things into them so rarely wear eye makeup of any description. In fact, when I had Lasik surgery a few years ago, it was the prospect of having to use eye drops that caused me the most stress (the whole “getting my eyeballs vapourised by a laser” didn’t get my blood pressure up nearly as much!) and I now get my eyelashes tinted instead of wearing mascara.

On top of the whole fear of pointy things near my eyes, I’m also a bit unco-ordinated, so have never been very good at driving eye liner pencils. However, I decided to give this a go and was quite surprised that I (a) didn’t stab myself in the eye, and (b) managed to get most of the liner in the vicinity of my eyes and not look like a panda. It lives up to the “blackest black” hype, with lots of pigment, and was soft enough to smudge easily for a softer look. However, it definitely had staying power.

It’s unlikely I’d buy this again because of my eye phobia, but if was happened to be a person who enjoyed poking stuff in my eyes, I’d add this to my shopping list.


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