Time on my hands


My current project: the colours are a bit light … the purple’s much deeper than this and the new (a week ago) carpet is actually dark grey

There’s one side effect of having a dicky ticker I didn’t anticipate: time.

You see, I used to work too many hours but when I got the diagnosis, I decided that I needed to take back control and stop working 60 or more hours a week. Now, I work a respectable 40 hours. Sometimes up to 45, but no more than that.

And because of that, I actually have time on my hands:  I have time to sit down a watch some telly in the evenings, to go for walks, to read more and generally relax. And that whole relaxing thing is hard work! I’m not so good at just sitting and watching a movie, so this has been the perfect time to take up knitting again.

How’s that for living life on the edge?

Any-hoo, the photo above is of my latest project, a winter wrap. It’s getting a bit on the hard to handle side now because it’s so long but I should have it finished soon and in the meantime, Seymour the Wonder Cat has taken a liking to trying to hide under it while I knit. Which makes Norman the Other Cat a bit nervous, since she tends to sleep beside me when I’m knitting.


I picked up my knitting needles for the first time in nearly a couple of decades a few months ago and managed to make this without going totally insane.


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