Our trip to Wellywood

I’ve been a little slack in updating here because, well, I just keep running out of time. We had a wee trip to Wellington at the start of the month and I returned home sunburnt and knackered so haven’t mentioned anything about it. Until now.

There will be zoo photos uploaded in the next day or two (all manner of cute, furry critters that were nearly as cute as our resident cute furry critters). For now, though, here are some photos from our little visit to the White House Restaurant, where we tackled the degustation menu: 10 courses of amazing culinary artwork. Here are some photos (didn’t get all the courses because I was sidetracked by a wedding party taking photos directly across the road and a wayward seagull).

The photos were taken with my cellphone and have also been shrunk down to speed up online loading so apologies for the quality! Click on the pics to view larger images.


Crudité: This was a radish grown on the roof of the restaurant. It looked like it was in a pot of dirt but some kind of savoury mousse with pumpernickel crumbs on top!


Another view of the pot plant ...


Course two was Heston’s mock turtle soup, complete with gold leaf-wrapped "teabag". Yes, it's a recipe from THAT Heston.


I don't do fish or any sort of seafood so I had the roast pumpkin and amaretti ravioli for the third course ...


but Grant does like shellfish, so he had seared scallops.


Fourth course was pork. I wasn't expecting to enjoy this, since I don't really like pork. It was fabulous. Even the dehydrated lychees were amazingly tasty.


The palate cleanser for course five was a strawberry granita with balsamic reduction and a dry ice-powered spot of drama!


The "smoke" filled the table. Click the video below for a quick action shot.


Course seven: Beef. What's not to like about a well-cooked bit of cow?


Course eight, sourdough bread with brie and pear soaked in raspberry juice. This set the scene for a couple of amazing desserts, which I didn't photograph. Sorry!


The view ...


... and the view again.

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