It’s Closing Time …

Found some video on YouTube of the Leonard Cohen concert in Christchurch. The final song of the night. Am pleased to say we managed to get seats a little closer to the stage than this!

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  1. Ash
    November 8, 2010 at 8:10 pm

    We attended the Leonard Cohen concert in ChCh last week, and endorse all of your comments. Great performer and great band. Only comment I would make is that we did not have any echo from our “cheap, $138” seats, and the sound was just great from what I thought was not likely to be an optimal position: to the right of the stage, in the top tier, and close to the front. Given that somewhere close to the mixing desk is considered to be the prime spot for sound, I was really surprised at how good it was, and also relatively close to the stage, so a great view also. I have spoken to a number of experienced musos about the sound quality at the ? Arena, some who have sworn never to attend another show at this venue, and others who have said that it was really good. Where you are sitting makes a huge difference, and in this venue the best spots are not necessarily where you might expect. We drove up from Invercargill, booked a cheap hotel/motel ($71 via lastminutebeds or some such site), got top class room in Riccarton. Gripes: Only the confusion about the starting time and trying to get out the car out of the Arena carpark after the show. A completely disorganised shambles – and they made us exit by a different route from that by which we had entered, which made finding our way back to a recognisable street a bit of a mission.
    Cheers, Ash

  2. George
    November 8, 2010 at 11:54 pm

    The echo was just every now and then, it wasn’t constant. And yes, I’ve heard the same as you from many others about the not-so-great acoustics normally experienced at the arena and how this concert was so much better, so his sound techs must have been pretty good! And yes, also agree about the start time confusion: said 7pm on my ticket, but didn’t give any further detail. I bought our concert tickets the day they went on sale (5 months ago) and just kept an eye on Air NZ for cheap flights from Invercargill so managed to get us there and back for $100 each. We stayed at the Novotel and grabbed a cab to get us to the arena … on the way there the taxidriver said we were going there a bit early since it wasn’t due to start until 7.30 (by that time I’d checked on Google and found the correct start time) but with all the chaos I’m glad we got there early. Besides, there was already a line the size of Texas outside the doors! And after the concert was even more chaotic … so much traffic congestion the taxis couldn’t get back in to pick up passengers for ages.

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