My cure for seasonal insomnia

(This is the Online column, written for The Southland Times)

I know most of you are probably like most of my family and friends, who look forward to the start of daylight saving each year.

However, I enjoy it about as much as a dose of something nasty you can’t discuss in public. Every year I spend the first week or so chasing sleep but rarely succeeding for more than a couple of hours.

However, this year I think I’ve found the cure for my seasonal insomnia: a trip to Sydney. I arrived here on Monday and that night slept better than I had for a couple of weeks. I wonder if ACC would cover a yearly trip to Sydney to treat my Daylightsavingsucksitis.

I’m sure I can’t be the only victim of the nasty, seasonal affliction, so perhaps I should apply for funding from one of those organisations that chuck money at scientific types to research all manner of things. This is a major scientific breakthrough, surely.

Okay, so its not up there with some of the important stuff that gets funding, such as hip-hop dancing, but I reckon it deserves a closer look.

Apart from a flying day and a half visit about a month ago, I haven’t been to Sydney for two years but things lived up to the pattern that follows me in Sydney: it rained the first day I was here. (Note: its about here I expect you all to make sympathetic noises).

If you’re heading for Sydney any time soon, its well worth booking a ticket to the Priscilla Queen of the Desert stage show.

We went along to the opening night of the show’s return to Sydney and had a blast.

If you prefer wildlife to the wild life, the new Wildlife World in Darling Harbour is the place to go. It’s got everything from creepy crawlies to the cutesy, and a whole lot of butterflies.

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