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Dr Lewinn’s Essentials hand and nail cream

2014-06-DrLewinnsThis is the third or fourth hand cream I’ve trialled this year and when looking at price and performance, it’s probably the best.

The label says it has all the vitamin letters you want showing up in a good hand creams (A, B and E), making it incredibly nourishing, and the inclusion of aloe vera also makes it quite healing.

It has a mild and pleasant fragrance that is well and truly inoffensive and it absorbs into the skin quickly, so there’s no greasiness.

A great product at a pretty decent price.

DR LEWINN’S Essentials hand and nail cream (RRP $29.99 for 100g)


MOR Correspondence Argan Oil hand cream

2014-05-MorThis has a truly luxurious feeling, with the argan oil leaving your hands smooth but not greasy.

The smell is really nice, not too strong but definitely fresh and appealing.

The best part is just how long that silky smooth feeling lasts: whack some of this on in the morning and your hands still feel great hours later. And a little goes a long way so it’s great value.

MOR Correspondence Argan Oil hand cream (RRP $35 for 75ml)



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