Angel Helichrysum Revitalising shampoo & conditioner

April 7, 2014

2014-03-angell-helichrysumSamples from the Angel II Provence range were included in the March GoodieBox and  while I’m not a fan of getting little foil sachets in this monthly subscription package, I was pretty happy with the results from this product.

In fact, when my current supplies of Redken shampoo and conditioner are gone, I’ll probably go buy the Helichrysum Revitalising shampoo and conditioner s as a replacement.

A bonus of my new, rather short hair, is value for money when it comes to expensive hair stuff: my Redken supplies are lasting forever and I actually got three washes out of these little sample sachets.

This stuff smells amazing and is packed with good stuff to protect your hair from UVA and UVB damage.

My dry and quite curly hair felt soft after chucking this on, and it also had a wee bit of a shine.

Good stuff.

There were also sample sachets of the Orange Flower Shining Colour shampoo and colour protect hair mask but I didn’t try those because I don’t have coloured hair.However, if it’s anything like the Helichrysum duo, it should be good.

Although, I snorted at the “will strengthen hair from within” claim on the Goodiebox info card. You can’t do anything to strengthen your hair from within by spreading goop on it of any description, no matter how flash it is, how shiny the packaging, how good it smells or how much it costs. All you are doing is coating your hair in goop. It may feel slightly better to touch, but you’ve done nothing to the inner bits of it.



Fun with veges

April 5, 2014



Quite a display for April Fool’s Day

April 4, 2014

(This is the Online column, written for The Southland Times)

I managed to get through April Fool’s Day pretty much unscathed, unless you count a slightly demented cat trying to ankle tap me from under the bed as an April Fool’s Day prank.

Avoiding the many and varied pranks that populated the internet wasn’t really particularly difficult, since I spent most of the morning stretched out on the couch reading, making the most of an extended long weekend off work.

googlesearchAs usual, Google had a range of jokes, ranging from the not-particularly-believable Google Maps Pokemon Challenge to the ridiculous but sadly too believable Gmail Shelfie that popped up on logging in to your email.

With the Pokemon Challenge, Google explained you’d need to use the map to find nearby Pokemon, then catch them by going to the location in person before adding them to your Pokedex. While I’m sure there are plenty of fans who would be keen to take on the role of Pokemon Master such as my nephew Zeke), I’m pretty sure there would be few people who wouldn’t have twigged that this one was a prank.

However, the Gmail Shelfie, or the SHareable sELFIE, likely had a ring of truth to it for many users: “everyone can now set your Shelfie as their Gmail theme “so they can enjoy checking, reading, and writing emails while seeing your friendly face in the background”.

And while we’re on the subject of selfies, please: stop with the #makeupfreeselfie craze. If you want to donate to cancer research, then do so. But honestly, taking a photo of yourself sans mascara and lippy doesn’t really do a lot to raise awareness of cancer. Besides, some of us rarely wear makeup anyway, so it sort of loses its oomph. I suppose I could just post a #lookingmorehaggardthannormal photo on Facebook instead.

My personal favourite from Google was the Auto Awesome Photobombs, featuring the Hoff. Yes, the feature claimed to let celebrities make a spontaneous appearance in your pictures. Well, just one celebrity to start with: David Hasselhoff, the man, the legend, the Speedo-filler.

If you fancy getting your bum into a more perky state, Virgin Active came up with the idea of a pair of undies with a digital counter on the waistband that counted every time you did a butt-clench, while Domino’s opted for an edible pizza box. Sounds quite reasonable.

The Mail Online rounded up a lot of the day’s offerings and even managed to create a quirky story of its own about the possibility of a new flag if Scotland opts for independence.


Small victory for fat chicks

April 4, 2014

Radio presenter Rachel Smalley found herself in the poo after a not-so-timely comment or two this week but it was her attempt to weasel her way out of it that offended me.

Smalley thought her mic was turned off after a news story about the effectiveness of an emergency contraceptive pill for women weighing more than 70kg. Obviously gravely offended by the knowledge that the average New Zealand bloke-ess weighs in at  (gasp) 72kg, she was heard to comment that we Kiwi chicks are “heifers” and a “bunch of lardos”.

Outrage ensued both online and off, and Smalley did the cliched “apology” thing: I’m so sorry, please forgive me, yada, yada, yada …

But let’s be honest here: she was apologising because she was caught out, not because she felt bad about what she said. Because if that had been the case, she wouldn’t have said it in the first place.

As someone who falls into the slightly more generously proportioned category, I’m not particularly offended by her comments. I am, however, offended by yet another person in the public eye who has cocked up and expects us to believe that suddenly, they have seen the error of their ways and want us to forgive them.

On Facebook, several people commented that Paul Henry has said worse. And yes, he has. And I have no doubt he will continue to say things that offend the masses. However, at least he owns it. Love him or hate him, there’s no denying the man says what he thinks and would never consider offering a bullshit apology just to stay in the good books.

I’d have had more respect for Smalley if she’d just told all us heifers to fuck off and eat a pie.



Aveda Hand Relief

April 2, 2014

aveda-hand-reliefThis was OK, but not earth-shatteringly good. It felt a little greasy when I first applied it but did eventually absorb quite well.

At first, the smell struck me as a bit medicinal but the more I’ve used it, the more the smell has grown on me.

More importantly, I like the way my hands have felt after using it: clean, smooth and soft.

And at first glance, $15 seems quite a reasonable price, but this is for quite a small tube. That said, it’s actually a convenient size to chuck in your bag.

AVEDA HAND RELIEF (RRP $15 for 40ml)


Bet that was uncomfortable

March 31, 2014

news courtney

This is why it is important for headline writers to have dirty minds!



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