Some things just defy normality. Some of them are named Kanye and have recording contracts. Others are here.

A sign of the times

Hit by the credit crunch, perhaps?


Do the mashed potato …

When the health gurus said we should have more veges, I don’t think this is what they meant.


Personal growth

Isn’t it wonderful, how this internet thing works?

Here I am, not yet fully moved in after the wee renovation job on my site and already the spammers have found my blog and posted a comment pointing me to information on penis enlargement.  Because, well … we all want to know how to make our collective penises bigger now, don’t we?

Or would that be penii? What is the collective term for a group of blokey appendages? A drove of danglers? A gaggle of goolies? Maybe it’s a pack of peckers or a wealth of willies?

I could say it’s a burning question but I guess if that were the case, you’d probably need to see a doctor.



Jillian "George" Allison-Aitken

I live in the deep south of New Zealand, where smelly dairy cows are taking over from sheep in the livestock stakes. My hometown is the small but perfectly formed city of Invercargill, which is also the hometown of the original boy racer, Burt Munro. Find out more about me here.


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