Category: WTF?

Some things just defy normality. Some of them are named Kanye and have recording contracts. Others are here.

I do … in debt

According to Quartz, the taste for ridiculously expensive weddings is nothing new, but I’m finding it hard to get my head around the average spend in 2013 of an eye-watering $29,548. I get that brides want their big day, but…


The butler iceberg did it

A common phrase I hear around the office is “people are stupid” and nowhere is that more evident than online. This week’s example of one of life’s special people: Does the Titanic sink at the end of the movie or…


The key to getting it right

Dear New Zealand citizens, If you don’t know the name of our country’s Prime Minister you have no right to whinge about him. I am sick to death of seeing all the hand-wringers on the Trade Me message board getting…