Moving pictures … it’s a technological marvel!

Year in review

Talented and funny

Okay, so maybe I’ve been living under a rock because this video has already been on the net for more than a year, but here it is anyway: a surprisingly good cover of Hallelujah, my all-time favourite song (although, I’m a fan of Leonard Cohen’s original rather than Jeff Buckley’s cover).

Oh, and the other thing I like about this? The kid’s funny. He also does a pretty damn good cover of Stevie Wonder’s Superstition.


Holy crap Batman

Need help wiping your butt? Want to avoid the onerous task of scrunching up the paper? Keen to do away with the risky business of thin toilet paper being the only barrier between your fingers and … er … your bum?

Then the Comfort Wipe might be for you. According to its own publicity, the Comfort Wipe is the first improvement to toilet paper since the 1880s (although I reckon more people would class two-ply loo paper as an improvement, but there you go).

And the burning question (no, not THAT burning question, if that’s burning you need a doctor): Does everyone in the household have their own Comfort Wipe? I hope so because I’m already creeped out enough by the idea of anyone else using my toothbrush!


Letterman’s 10 best George Bush moments


Getting in to the festive spirit

It sounds like Nola might just have a problem or two…


Reliving the 80s

Here’s another one some of you might be too young to remember: Tetris.

Have you ever played it? How about Human Tetris? Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond did just that using a bunch of people, and auditorium and a spot of stop-motion video:

And for those of you who are too young to know Tetris, it’s the original falling blocks game — both simple and addictive.


Time comes to a standstill

The latest on my list of must-see YouTube videos is an improv event from New York.

You take 200-plus people, turn up at Grand Central Station and at a predetermined time, everyone freezes on the spot for several minutes.

Then, like magic, they all start moving again at the same time. The reactions of onlookers are classic.
Maybe we should try that on Esk St on a Friday night just to confuse the hell out of the boy racers.