Category: My latest rant

Sometimes I just need to rant. Be afraid, you are my captive audience.

One for the haters

The sad death of Charlotte Dawson at the weekend has reignited the whole debate over online assholes being, well, assholes. Not that it’s much of a debate: “if you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, then keep your trap shut”…


Good ad for birth control

We went out for dinner to the Cabbage Tree last night. It could have been a nice evening but it was buggered up by a clutch of screeching brats who were running around as their indulgent parents looked on. Why…


Milkshakes a dying breed?

Why is it so hard to find a half-way decent milkshake in good old Invercargill? Once in a blue moon, I have a hankering for a good, old-fashioned milk shake and it’s always the same old thing I want: caramel…


What a bunch of boobs

Opinions are a lot like arseholes: everyone has one and most of them are full of shit. Right now, it seems every man and his dog has an opinion on breastfeeding and they are keen to share those opinions. Mothers…


Lessons in sportsmanship

It seems to have taken forever to get to the final of the Rugby World Cup and I’m pinning my hopes (and a small wager with a rugby-hating friend who trundled out the “it’s only a game” line after the…


Are we any better?

Everyone has been up in arms about the awful story out of China today about a hit and run incident involving a toddler. And rightly so. The little girl had wandered off from her mum and was knocked over by…