Category: My latest rant

Sometimes I just need to rant. Be afraid, you are my captive audience.

SeaWorld: Don’t support cruelty

Just a wee reminder about why, if you’re ever in the United States, you shouldn’t spend any of your hard-earned cash at SeaWorld. And interestingly, in a weird pre-emptive letter SeaWorld’s lawyers sent to movie reviewers before the release of…


And the winner is … Chorus

The gushing news reports would have us believe that everyone in Dunedin is celebrating their little corner of the world winning the much-hyped Gigatown competition but let’s be honest: it’s Chorus that should be doing all the celebrating. This year-long…


Ice, ice baby

It seems like everyone in celebrity-land is jumping on the ice challenge bandwagon at the moment, with a raft of famous faces taking part in a soggy challenge in the name of a good cause. And it has to be…


The stench of oversharing

(This is the Online column, written for The Southland Times) During a chat about the perils of Facebook this week, a workmate reminded me of the old saying that compares houseguests and fish, but I reckon the internet has given…