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I accidentally hit my husband with a pillow and a rolled up magazine several times the other day when he hit the snooze button on his alarm clock one too many times.


A very crusty sandwich



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Sheen v Gaddafi


When opinions meat stupidity



Don’t drink and text

Technology does have some bad points: one in particular being that it allows us to make total dicks of ourselves on a much wider scale that was ever possible in the past.

Texting, for example, is uber-dangerous. Especially when drunk. The whole autocomplete thing is a bit of a trap for young players anyway, but the potential for so many other disasters is there as well. Sure, texting is a dangerous pastime for anyone, drunk or sober (remember that silly bint who fell into the fountain while texting) but the dangers are magnified when mixed with alcohol.

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You’re unique … just like everyone else

Hmm, so according to this auction I just found on Trade Me, I can buy a pair of unique gloves. I’m not sure what makes them unique: perhaps the seller has sewn the ends of the finger holes closed. Or maybe they have only three fingers. No, a closer look at the auction image show they have the standard four finger and one thumb per glove quota that society expects.

“Unique” is one of those ridiculously overused and incorrectly used words that annoys me about as much as roman sandals and broad beans. If it’s unique, it means there isn’t another one like it. Clearly, that isn’t the case with these gloves.

The auction lists the gloves features as: 

  •  Black in color 
  • For sport, leisure or work 
  • Fully washable 
  • One size fits all 
  • Unique design 
  • High Performance Comfort Fingerless Gloves

So the question must be asked: what the hell are high-performance gloves? Do they increase the speed of your movements when pointing your middle finger skywards?


Fashion statement




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