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Evolution of a model

Evolution of a Model highlights just how little of what we see in glossy magazines and on billboards is real:


Is she real or a Hollywood panel job?

Dear readers, I need your help. 

Take a deep breath, brace yourself and point your browser to the Internetstats website. 

Now, here’s the question: Is that woman real? Is she the result of a wayward plastic surgeon? Or is she _ as I suspect — the long-lost lovechild of Liza Minnelli’s oh-so-startled-looking ex-hubby David Gest? 

What is it with celebs and their love affair with nipping and tucking everything that jiggles, dangles or moves? Of course, not all cosmetic surgery looks as scary as Gest’s example. In fact, at Good Plastic Surgery you can check out some of the better Hollywood panel-beating. 

One person who definitely won’t be featured on that site any time soon is pop freak Michael Jackson.


Coolness rating

Are you cool? I guess there’s only one way to find out.


Just wax it already!

For my hairy-backed readers out there, help is at hand. 

If your back resembles a bearskin rug and your arms aren’t long enough or your hedgeclippers not accurate enough to deal with the problem, check out the Razorba.


U2 top of the (Trade Me) pops

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the No 1 search on online auction site Trade Me last month was U2, knocking Apple’s iPod into the No 2 spot.

The other big news from Trade Me is that dragon_games has become the site’s first trader to reach the 10,000 individual feedback mark.

That’s a lot of DVDs.


Weird, weird world of WWW

Sometimes I wonder just where the ideas come from for the rich array of websites that make up the weird wide web. 

Did the genius behind Cats in Sinks simply look at his or her cat, think: “ah, I’ve got a cat. And a sink. Perhaps I should have a website.” I have a cat. I also have a sink — a couple of them in fact — but it’s never once occurred to me that I should combine the two for the benefit of the wider online community. 

However, I must say it’s not a bad combination — the cats are all (of course) very cute, the sinks are all very sink-like and the end result is quite entertaining. 

Sadly, unlike Rate My Kitten you don’t get to give the assorted felines marks out of 10 and the owners inferiority complexes. 

If you’re in a rating kind of mood, take a look at the ink on show at Rank My Tattoos. If you get bored rating all the tattoos you can play a game of body part bingo by trying to work out just what part of the anatomy some of the tattoos in the close-up photos adorn.


Enlightening…and a hoax

Last week I wrote about the Komarnitsky family and their interactive website featuring the 17,000 Christmas lights that adorn their house.  

Online news stories and information on the family’s site stated net surfers could control the lights with the click of a mouse.  

Turns out it was a rather elaborate hoax.  

Read all about the details, and the decision to come clean, here. Father and head-hoaxer Alek Komarnitsky figured he could probably keep the magic going for another year but went public with the news that the lights weren’t on remote control with the help of the Wall Street Journal.  

While there will probably be some people out there who will be unnecessarily angry about the hoax, I’m inclined to agree with Mr Komarnitsky — he provided a little bit of harmless Christmas magic to entertain and enthral.  

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to the Komarnitsky family.  

Speaking of New Year, have a good one and if there’s a chance you might end up over-indulging in your favourite alcoholic tipple tomorrow night, check out R U Pissed’s hangover cures before you begin your New Year’s Eve festivities.



Ever find yourself looking at a piece of modern art and wondering if you’ve missed the boat? Take a look at Weird Art, a collection of art gathered from the web.

If you’re anything like me, Miles of Mules might be more your cup of tea. it is a public arts project involving decorated, life-sized fibreglass mules.

Culture and cutesy animals, what more could you want?


Amazing images

If you have an interest in checking out some amazing “photoshopped” images, take a look at Worth 1000, where you’ll find some stunning images manipulated by talented computer artists.

The site features photography, multimedia and text competitions but it is the Photoshop category that constantly blows me away.



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