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Random thoughts and equally random web links. Unfortunately for you, I like to share.

Just a tiddler

  No big deal: Our planet is a mere blip. There’s a link that has been doing the rounds via e-mail lately that might just put it all in perspective. If you’ve ever pondered your place in the universe, the…


Reason to drink #1376

Woohoo, it looks like I’ve finally got something to blame my poor memory on. An Auckland University study reckons that having a drink or two might just enhance your memory and can even help Alzheimer’s sufferers. I wonder if that…


On the move

Everyone must know about Air New Zealand’s Grab-A-Seat website by now but have you checked out How Far Can I Go? This nifty little site takes the dollars you have available and tells you where to go. In the nicest…


Real or no real?

With all the retouching and Photoshopping going on, it’s hard to tell just what is real these days. Dove highlighted that fact with its evolution of a model ad, which has been beautifully spoofed with a video called Slob Evolution.…


Online karaoke bar

If you fancy yourself as a chart-topper, test drive your singing abilities at Singshot. This site is effectively an online karaoke bar. Well, a bar without alcohol (and after some of the performances, you might just be in the mood…


Just wax it already!

For my hairy-backed readers out there, help is at hand.  If your back resembles a bearskin rug and your arms aren’t long enough or your hedgeclippers not accurate enough to deal with the problem, check out the Razorba.