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Posts about me, my family and friends (yes I have some), Seymour the Wonder Cat and his not-so-trusty sidekick Norman the Newbie Cat and life in general, both online and offline

Bye for now

I’m on holiday until the 19th so am off to Aussie for a week or so. Hopefully it’ll be a tad warmer than it is here right now! And we’ll be back, of course, in time for the opening day…


I do … in debt

According to Quartz, the taste for ridiculously expensive weddings is nothing new, but I’m finding it hard to get my head around the average spend in 2013 of an eye-watering $29,548. I get that brides want their big day, but…


Positive changes

I’m looking great, apparently. No, really: everyone keeps telling me how good I look at the moment. It’s lovely to hear it, and I suppose I probably do look a tad healthier than I did a year ago. And even…


Time on my hands

There’s one side effect of having a dicky ticker I didn’t anticipate: time. You see, I used to work too many hours but when I got the diagnosis, I decided that I needed to take back control and stop working…