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Chat, sheep and Ms Dewey

Do you want to chat as you surf, anywhere online? Simply add “” to the start of any URL. Read all about it at the Gabbly website. Test your reflexes by tranqillising sheep. You have to wonder how they come…


Auction action

There’s another new auction site looking to attract Kiwi buyers and sellers. Zillion already has a good range of auctions running and anyone who uses Trade Me will recognise many of the names. Competition is a good thing, especially for…


Xbox 360 arrives; PS3 delayed

(This is the Online column, written for The Southland Times) Where were you at 12.01 this morning? That’s when the Xbox 360 finally made its New Zealand appearance, after a hugely successful Xbox 360 Roadtrip, where more than 8000 gaming…


Music to our ears

Microsoft and Motorola have joined forces to make a music handset to compete against a similar phone, also made by Motorola, that supports Apple’s iTunes music platform. The phone will support Microsoft’s copyright protection software, as well as its Windows…


Halo 2 release for Vista machines

Microsoft has  announced plans to release the Halo 2 video game for personal computers running its new Vista version of Windows. Halo 2 will run only on Vista machines and not on older versions of the Windows operating system. Microsoft…


Picture this

Telecom and Vodafone customers are now able to send photo and video messages and sound to each other over their mobiles between networks. Vodafone PXTT or Telecom Photo Messaging lets customers create, send and receive messages containing colour video messages,…