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Xbox brain workout

If you’re feeling a tad fuzzy, like your brain is in a bit of a funk, you can now give your grey matter a workout via your gaming console. Gameloft’s Brain Challenge, on Xbox LIVE Arcade, is a brain training…


Going on Safari

Apple has released the latest version of its browser (Safari 3.1), which is jam-packed with new features and a bunch of security updates and fixes. Apple says page load times in Safari 3.1 are 1.9 times faster than Microsoft’s Internet…


ISPecially need help

If (like me) you’re not feeling the love from your ISP lately and if (also like me) you’ve made the decision to have a change, ISP Find could be just what you need.  You tell the clever wee site just…


Xbox xtras

 Instant messaging is coming to Xbox 360. From the week beginning May 7, Xbox 360 owners can connect with friends and family, connecting and chatting directly from their televisions using Windows Live Messenger, a network of more than 260 million…


Birthday wishes

Happy birthday to the antipodean Xbox 360 — 1 year old tomorrow. To mark the occasion, the Aussies are auctioning off a series of celebrity consoles in conjunction with the Make-A-Wish foundation so if you fancy making a bid for…


Good gear

Have you downloaded the new Gears Of War content?   The Discovery Channel has sponsored the freebie map packs, which were available via Xbox Live Marketplace from Thursday last week.