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Facebook’s big announcement

Are we all excited about Facebook’s new messaging and email system? Yes, sure … I’m prepared to trust my emails with a company that’s already shown total contempt for the privacy of its users. What could possibly go wrong …


Google phone confirmed for NZ

According to the NZ Herald (shhh, don’t tell my bosses I’m reading the competition!), we’re getting the sexy wee Google-powered smartphone some time during the next few months. It look very flash but let’s hope it’s going to be more…


Looking good

As expected, the trip to Sydney was informative and more than a little interesting. Symantec has listened to its users and — building on the improvements offered up in the 2008 software — is aiming for “zero-impact”. This doesn’t mean…


Fired up

Good news web-junkies, there’s a new version of Mozilla’s spectacularly user-friendly Firefox available.  Updates to the hugely popular free web browser, which perfected tabbed browsing long before Internet Explorer 7 hit our screens, include one-click bookmarking, a download manager, improved…


Net threat

There seem to be a lot of phishing e-mails hitting my inbox again so it’s probably a good time to remind everyone to take care. Ignore any e-mails you might get asking you to go to a bank site and…