Category: Funny stuff

However you want to spell it (humor/humour), it’s the stuff that I find funny. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll agree with me but luckily it’s a free world.

Redneck justice

Two rednecks were sittin’ around talkin’ one afternoon over a cold beer or three. After a while the first guy says to the second guy; “If’n I wuz to sneak over to your place Saturday an’ make love to yer…


In-flight entertainment

If you’re sitting next to someone on a plane who irritates you, try doing this: Quietly and calmly open up your laptop case. Remove your laptop. Start it up. Make sure the fellow traveller who is annoying you can see…


New tech from Apple!

Apple says it has developed a breast implant that can store and play music. The iTit cost will vary, depending on cup and speaker size. This has been hailed as a major social breakthrough because women are always complaining about…