It made me laugh

However you want to spell it (humor/humour), it’s the stuff that I find funny. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll agree with me but luckily it’s a free world.

Fun with veges



Clean one-liners

Who’d have thunk it: I know some clean jokes! OK, so they aren’t particularly funny but it’s a hard road finding the perfect joke.

Why is the ocean wet?

Because the sea weed.


Why did the fly fly?

Because the spider spied her.


What do you call a kungfu pig?



What do you call a blind deer?

No idea.


What do you call a dead blind deer?

Still no idea.


How do you kill a circus?

Go for the juggler!


Undercover elephants

Why do elephants paint their toe nails red?

So they can hide in cherry trees.

Have you ever seen an elephant in a cherry tree?

Good disguise, eh?

nail polish


Master of disguise

Fresh tomatoeWhat’s red and invisible?

No tomatoes.


Four-part koalatastrophe

koalaWhy did the koala bear fall out of the tree?
He had no arms.

Why did the second koala bear fall out of the tree?
He was holding onto the first koala.

Why did the third koala bear fall out of the tree?
He thought it was a game.

Why did the girl fall off her bike?
She got hit by a falling koala bear.


Tweet, tweet

What’s yellow, weighs one ton and whistles?

Two half ton canaries.


Ducking hell

Why do ducks have flat feet?
For stamping out forest fires.

Why do elephants have flat feet?
For stamping out flaming ducks.


The Father, the Son and the Holy-moly


Wonder what gave it away?



A fair comparison

Husband noticed the wife reading a cook book and says “don’t know why you looking at that, cause you sure can’t cook!”

Wife replies: “Same reason you look at Porn”.

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