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One for the Twihards


Hmmm, a dilemma

Metallica has now caved in to the demands of their Mainland fans and will perform in Christchurch.

Wow, this is bloody good news.

However, it is also causing a bit of a dilemma: I’ve already my tickets the Leonard Cohen concert (mental note to self: still have to book flights and a hotel) and I’m just a few days away from going back to work after a 2-week break and have more leave booked for September. Our plan was to maybe flit off to the Gold Coast for a week or two during the second half of September (or maybe Las Vegas … we’re playing it by ear).

The dilemma comes from the dates: the only time the bloke of the house (aka my poor, long-suffering but well-insured husband) can get time off at the same time I can is from September 17. But now, maybe, we might just have to fit our wee break in with a Metallica concert (September 22) on the way out of the country. But (yes, another but) we would have to cut short the planned 2 weeks away to get the aforementioned well-insured bloke back in time for work.

Bugger, it’s a dilemma.



A musical interlude …

David Bowie and Marianne Faithfull singing I Got You Babe. Awesome stuff! According to Wikipedia, they sang it together on The Midnight Special TV show in 1973-ish.


OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG … Leonard Cohen … OMG!

He’s coming back for another tour later this year. Now excuse me while I go hyperventilate.


One-man band


Since Metallica’s coming to our shores …


Police v Snow Patrol: Every Car You Chase


Tony Soprano does Wild Things

(not safe for work, or viewing around children)


Hold the front page: Jessica Simpson farts!

Apparently, Jessica let one rip during a meeting with some execs.

Oh the humanity.

It reminds me of a joke (slightly reworked to bring it up to date because I’m in an Idol kinda place at the moment!)

 A dude goes to audition for American Idol.

He gets before the judges and tells them he has a very special talent: “I can sing out of my ass!”

They all look sceptical but decide to give him a go. After all, he can’t be any more ridiculous than last season’s Norman Gentle, right?

So he drops his trousers, squats before the judging panel and takes a dump.

They can’t believe their eyes! “What the hell do you think you’re doing” they ask.

“Just clearing my throat … ”

(Maybe that’s what Jessica Simpson was trying to do. Besides, give the girl a break. She’s only human)



RIP Pauly Fuemana

Sad, he was just 40 years old. The news report he died ”after a short illness”.



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