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More opinions from me (lucky you). This time it’s product reviews of everything from wax strips (ouch) to software.

Goodiebox, November & December

This was supposed to be just a quick run through of what arrived in the November Goodiebox but I was a bit slack about getting the video uploaded and my December Goodiebox ended up arriving the day I was going to upload this video.

Because of that, I decided to don some festive apparel, have a fossick around the December loot, and add that on to the arse-end of the video.


Veet Suprem Essence

There were two Veet products in the November Goodiebox, but at least this one wasn’t such a painful method of hair removal as the first was (wax strips … ouch). Although, to be honest I didn’t try them myself because…


Burt’s Bees Res-Q Ointment

Oh, how I love this stuff. I’m a klutz and this little tin of ointment has been getting a good workout since Christmas, dealing with my many and varied cuts, scratches, burns and bites. It’s gentle but really does take…


Goodiebox, November unboxing

The November theme was “Light Summer Nights” and the box came with four full-size products, two samples and a lifestyle booster. This month’s goodies had a retail value of around $74.75, so pretty good value for the $30 subscription cost…


Saviq Bee Venom Mist Toner

I loved this stuff! It’s a spray mist toner that you use after cleansing, but you can also use it to set your makeup or just refresh your face. It’s New Zealand-made and is part of the world’s first complete…


Barry M Lip Paint

This cute little lip paint came in my October 2013 GoodieBox and was in a vivid rose pink and I must admit, I was a bit dubious: I tend to wear neutral colours for lipstick and besides, I really thought…


Kiri Manuka Honey cleansing soap

Kiri is another New Zealand range, this time featuring manuka honey. I don’t normally use soap — and no, I don’t smell. Well, I don’t think I do. I use a PH-balanced, fragrance-free soap substitute because I have sensitive skin…