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More opinions from me (lucky you). This time it’s product reviews of everything from wax strips (ouch) to software.

Goodiebox, March unboxing

The theme this month was “Blissful Indulgence”, which seems a bit fluffy given the contents of the box. Sure, there was little block of chocolate in there (and I was a good little diabetic and passed it on to my…


Manhattan Soft Mat Lip Cream

All the way from Denmark, this product performs a little magic trick. It starts as a liquid but dries matte, so there’s no smudging. And interestingly, even though it dries to a matte finish, it doesn’t feel dry on the…


Celebrity Slim milkshake

One of those diet drink things, this one was in banana flavour, which put me off from the get-go. Bananas aren’t really my favourite fruit anyway, but fake banana flavours are just plain nasty. A quick read through of the…


Goodiebox, February unboxing

I had mixed feeling about the February Goodiebox: good value in that four of the five samples were actually full-sized products, but not such good value for me because I’ll never use at least two of those products. And the…


Party Feet Ultra Slim

Party Feet have a new design that is made to fit into narrow shoes. Not that I have narrow feet.  In fact, most Kiwis don’t have narrow feet. Any-hoo, I use the normal width Party Feet gel cushions and they…


NS8 heel balm

My husband has the world’s worst feet: gnarly and cracked, with callouses so sharp they should be registered as lethal weapons. I don’t go near them. Ever. I know there are people out there who find feet quite attractive; who…