Palmers EvenTone BB Cream

January 27, 2014

Hard to say on this one: I tried it and liked it, but I also liked the current BB cream I have the first time I used it.

Unfortunately, there was just one little foil sachet of this included in the December GoodieBox, and one little sachet doesn’t really give enough of a sample.

It felt quite nice on the skin, without the trowelled-on feeling I get from the Garnier BB cream that is currently languishing in my bathroom drawer.

The colour was also pretty good: it looked like a tidy match for my skintone from the get-go. Although, to be fair, the Garnier BB cream always looks quite orange when being applied but somehow manages to blend in.

Any-hoo, it looked nice and natural, and felt light. And at just $16 for a full-sized bottle, it’s pretty good value.



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  1. Goodiebox Review | December | By George on July 3, 2014 at 12:47 am

    […] Palmers EvenTone BB Cream (RRP for 30ml $16); small sachet provided so … maybe 50c value? The only sample sized product in this month’s GoodieBox, and one of those wee foil packs samples at that! Another one of the many BB creams on the market but have to say, it looks like good value at $16 for the full-sized product. […]

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