Moreish Argan Oil

January 26, 2014

dec-moreishI’m a fan of Bio Oil, and more recently DermaOil, so I was keen to try this NZ-made natural oil.

The packaging says it’s good for scars, stretch marks and even heat-damaged hair.

I found a few drops smoothed out my hair, which has been giving me some grief due to a combination of heart problems, medication and surgery a few months ago: it’s become even more dry than it usually is and a bit on the frizzy side. The Moreish improved the texture without being greasy.

It’s also nice on the skin and was awesome on my cuticles and nails, which have been a big dry and brittle, also since the surgery and a dodgy set of gel nails that I suspect were actually acrylics and were also removed by the “technician” by peeling the damn things off rather than using a removal solvent.

The eye dropper style applicator makes this oil easy to use and it smells nice in a subtle kind of way.

I now prefer this to DermaOil because it seems a lot more versatile and absorbs faster.

MOREISH ARGAN OIL (RRP $35 for 30ml)


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    […] Moreish Argan Oil (RRP for 30ml $35); full-size product so $35 value A New Zealand-made natural oil that seems to be for everything from skin to hair, stretch marks to acne scars. These oils are always good to have and this stuff looks like it will go a long way. Smells pretty nice. […]

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