Veet Suprem Essence

2013-11-veetcreamThere were two Veet products in the November Goodiebox, but at least this one wasn’t such a painful method of hair removal as the first was (wax strips … ouch). Although, to be honest I didn’t try them myself because I’m not really a fan of sel-inflicted pain.

But I digress: back to the Veet hair removal cream. According to the info on the box, this is meant for, ahem, sensitive areas.

I tried it on my legs and it did the job: hair gone.

Oh, but don’t believe the blurb about it smelling all nice and wonderful: it’s hair removal cream, it smell like an explosion in a chemical factory.

Aside from that, it works well, melting away the hair with no stinging or tingling afterwards and my skin actually felt quite nice after using it.

Veet Suprem Essence Hair Removal Cream (RRP for 90ml $14)



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